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Temporary Visas and the Equestrian Industry

As a life-long equestrian, I have seen first hand how closely intertwined the equestrian industry and immigration laws have become.  Many of the industry’s top riders, trainers and grooms are foreign-born and integral to the success of the horses, farms and owners.

There are options for bringing seasonal, temporary foreign workers, such as grooms, to work at the farms during show seasons on the H-2B non-immigrant visa.  The H-2B visa allows temporary and seasonal workers to come and work in the USA for the show season, helping farms, owners and riders meet and exceed all their goals for their competition season.

The process requires that a farm receive certification  for the workers from the Department of Labor (“DOL”) and then file a petition through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”).  Once the petition is approved, the visa applicants will be interviewed at a US Consulate in their country of origin before the issuance of the visa.  Though the process may seem complex, with the assistance of a qualified immigration attorney, the H-2B visa can work for you!   If you are a farm owner and interested in learning more about petitioning for H-2B temporary and seasonal workers, please call to schedule a consultation!


We offer a variety of employment-based services, such as:

– H-2B Seasonal Non-Immigrant Visas for non-agricultural positions, including horse grooms in the equestrian industry and other seasonal workers

– J-1 Visas and J-1 Foreign Residence Requirement Waivers

– H-1B Non-Immigrant Visas for Employment in Specialty Occupations

– R-1 Religious Visas

– H-3 Trainee Visas

Have questions? Please call to set up a consultation to see what services best meet your needs.